Xudong Liu, Ph.D. Director

Director of Queen’s Genomics Lab at Ongwanada equipped with many advanced systems such as a DNA/RNA Biobank, two Next Generation sequencers and high Performance  Computer Clusters not only supporting research projects ongoing in his lab but also providing service support to other researchers from local institutions.  His future work will continue to focus on discovery research on etiology aspect as well as translational research on treatment aspect of mental health related conditions through interdisciplinary collaborations.

Melissa Hudson, B.Sc. Research Coordinator

Amy McNaughton, Ph.D. Research Technologist

Ashley Huck,

Research Technician


The main research interest of the lab is to identify and characterize genes and environmental factors underlying  the causes of neuropsychiatric diseases,  including autism and neurodegenerative diseases, and the variations in treatment outcomes.


Our approach is integrating genetics, functional genomics, genetic epidemiology and bioinformatics, and collaborating with other laboratories and disciplines. Our aim is to improve understanding of neuropsychiatric diseases and their relationship to normal human cognitive function. The ultimate goal is to develop proper diagnostic tools for earlier and more accurate diagnosis so that more effective intervention and treatments can be developed, in addition  to discovering biomarkers that can predict treatment outcomes to support more effective personalized medication.



I. Research

With two major CFI equipment grants, various research grants and funding  from Ongwanada as well as generous donations, our lab has established itself as a well equipped facility with state of the art genetic and genomic equipment that can support various less hypothesis-driven discovery studies and more hypothesis-driven validation studies on various diseases and conditions.


Beyond supporting all the research projects ongoing in our lab, the facility also provides a range of services to other researchers. There would be a cost for the services, but the cost will depend on whether the projects are internal or external. We will support the faculty members within the university with very minimal charge in a collaborative fashion. The Queen's researchers will enjoy internal discounted prices that will be significantly lower than other service providers. The detailed fee schedule for various services is being worked out. The overall goal is to maximize the usage of the facility to support the research of our lab and other researchers, while at the same time to generate sufficient revenue to make the lab operate in a self -sustainable manner.



II. Service


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